EventStreams Dream Project: SREB's State Doctoral Scholars Program - Getting the Story

After completing our last EventStreams Dream Project with CFY-Atlanta, not a minute was wasted in developing and planning the next Dream Project with the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB's) State Doctoral Scholars Program.  The opportunity was first introduced to our Executive Producer Nate Haskell by friend and fellow Paideia parent Collin Siedor, who has a background in broadcast television.  The story behind this program was compelling and we proceeded to learn more from program director Dr. Ansley Abraham, who also happens to be a Paideia parent and assistant coach of the girls basketball team.

During the initial meeting, the three discussed the importance of a program such as SREB's Doctoral Scholars Program to encourage and aid minorities pursuing their doctorate degrees.  Having a more culturally/ethnically diversified faculty at various universities will more accurately represent the students they teach, and ensures a more meaningful educational experience overall. 

We were sold.  Dr. Abraham needed Collin's and EventStreams' help to leverage video as a powerful storytelling medium to reach two distinct audiences - the potential candidates and the potential supporters/donors of the program.

Below are some production stills from two different shoots.  A select group of program graduates were invited to share how they each benefited from the program, and how the experience continues to impact their lives.  We also filmed at the program's annual event, The Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, the largest gathering of minority doctoral scholars in the country. 

Collin is volunteering his time and effort as scriptwriter and producer to help refine the story to capture the heart of the program.  He will be working with editor Julie Grimm to take what footage we gathered and construct it into an inspiring story of passionate people pursuing a challenging yet rewarding path in higher education.




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2011 EventStreams Dream Project: CFY's Story Shared at Inspire event

The final video was debuted at CFY-Atlanta's Inspire event.  According to Jeanne Artime, Executive Director of CFY-Atlanta, the video really hit home with the attendees.  Congressman John Lewis's interaction with former CFY participant Derek Boston and his mother Melissa Boston was a powerful scene, which connected CFY's influence at both the personal and big picture levels.  We are so glad that we were able to get on the Congressman's schedule... (whew).

The Inspire event helped raise over $140K for CFY-Atlanta!  Though the video was produced specifically for CFY's Atlanta location, it is being referenced and shared throughout the organization nationally and has resonated with CFY's CEO and President based in New York.  Emails have been sent out to a number of people with the video, and it's also being used in presentations with potential donors as we speak!  We are thrilled to be a part of this great cause - using video to help others realize the educational need that CFY passionately strives to meet.

This is the final piece in our series for our 2011 EventStreams Dream Project

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