EventStreams won a bronze in the 32nd Annual Telly Awards with The Mother Goose Alumni Fundraising video we produced for The Paideia School!  We also won an IABC Atlanta Silver Flame Award last year for the same video.  Here is the follow-up video for a tour of the new and improved Mother Goose Building!

 Our Acceptance Speech...
To all of our clients and friends, thank you for your ongoing consideration and support of the work we do here at EventStreams.  By thinking of us for your video and webcast needs, you have made this project possible!  The video helped the Paideia School raise enough money to rebuild The Mother Goose.  It is now an important part of the community of students and faculty for inspiration and education!

To our individual team members, thank you for your creativity and dedication to the medium!  Your expertise in video production paired with your boundless pursuit of creative storytelling has been recognized!  Cheers!

This is our team, very well behaved.  Click here to see how we really celebrate winning a fancy award!

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