Rolling @ 8am

At 8:16 Ryan and Emily get impatient, but the day is 
young, only two cups of coffee thus far.

 8:17am, Action!

 8:33am, The shot looks good!

8:45am, debating the shot - should we change 
the angle?

 8:55am, No, let's just go with it... don't worry, Terry
is off camera in the background.  Someone has to 
police the crowds from walking in and ruining the shot!

 9am, first pose of the day

9:30am, Ryan sets the next shot

 10:20am, script supervisor detects a slight problem...
nothing that can't be fixed in post!

 11:15am, Bryan just before burning a pinkie on the Arri

 12:05pm, is there going to be a vegetarian 
selection at lunch?

 12:15pm, pose #2

1:30pm, pose #3
 1:35pm, Julie confirms lighting
 2:02pm, Bryan is taking too long to set the mic.

2:05pm, final lighting tweaks

 2:08pm, wait a minute... Nate and Emily confer on 
a new script addition

 2:20pm, pose #4 (awkward moment)

 2:55pm, lunch was good - how about a healthy snack?

3:22pm, 3 - 2 - 1 - Action!

3:33pm, Emily's been waiting all day to 
Hollywood the light

 3:44pm, pose #5

 4:05pm, this take is a good one. Ryan and Terri review.

 5:01pm, mystery intern (young Nate)

 5:30pm, Nate mics the CEO while Ryan takes a
picture of Emily with his non-Android device.

24 hours later, Crash celebrates with some cake!

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