2011 EventStreams Dream Project: CFY Final Shoot with Congressman John Lewis

Finally, we were really there--it wasn't a dream!  We were thrilled to be at Congressman John Lewis's office in downtown Atlanta, ready to shoot the interview that we almost had to forego due to Lewis's busy schedule during the national debt ceiling issues in D.C.

Derek read the "Thank You" letter to the Congressman, and we caught his response on camera (it's sort of our specialty...).  The participation of such a strong historical figure in the shoot was a true gift, and his ability to relate to young Derek was the perfect finale for the video! 

We are making a video for CFY-Atlanta as part of our Annual EventStreams Dream Project.  This post is part of a series covering the development of the concept, production considerations, as well as key takeaways from the project.  If you're just tuning in, here are the other posts -
The final piece will be completed shortly.  Check back with us later to see the final video!

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