EventStreams is proud to announce that Lawson Cox has joined our team as our new Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing!  We are very sad to see our beloved Bridgit Motes go, but we support her noble decision to take on the challenging role of being a full-time mother at home with her 2-year-old son Evan, and her soon-to-be-born daughter! She will be missed, and she has been working closely with Lawson for the past few weeks to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Lawson has more than 22 years of experience in corporate communications, in both online and print--designing, rewording, laying out, editing, publishing, and managing the visual language for a wide range of clients.  He has been actively involved in the Atlanta chapter of IABC, and is this year's chapter president.  As a veteran communicator, he will be able to support and connect with our dear clients, who have relied on EventStreams to produce and deliver video as an effective tool in their communications strategy.

Connect with Lawson on LinkedIn and join us as we welcome him aboard!

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2011 EventStreams Dream Project: CFY Final Shoot with Congressman John Lewis

Finally, we were really there--it wasn't a dream!  We were thrilled to be at Congressman John Lewis's office in downtown Atlanta, ready to shoot the interview that we almost had to forego due to Lewis's busy schedule during the national debt ceiling issues in D.C.

Derek read the "Thank You" letter to the Congressman, and we caught his response on camera (it's sort of our specialty...).  The participation of such a strong historical figure in the shoot was a true gift, and his ability to relate to young Derek was the perfect finale for the video! 

We are making a video for CFY-Atlanta as part of our Annual EventStreams Dream Project.  This post is part of a series covering the development of the concept, production considerations, as well as key takeaways from the project.  If you're just tuning in, here are the other posts -
The final piece will be completed shortly.  Check back with us later to see the final video!

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EventStreams won a bronze in the 32nd Annual Telly Awards with The Mother Goose Alumni Fundraising video we produced for The Paideia School!  We also won an IABC Atlanta Silver Flame Award last year for the same video.  Here is the follow-up video for a tour of the new and improved Mother Goose Building!

 Our Acceptance Speech...
To all of our clients and friends, thank you for your ongoing consideration and support of the work we do here at EventStreams.  By thinking of us for your video and webcast needs, you have made this project possible!  The video helped the Paideia School raise enough money to rebuild The Mother Goose.  It is now an important part of the community of students and faculty for inspiration and education!

To our individual team members, thank you for your creativity and dedication to the medium!  Your expertise in video production paired with your boundless pursuit of creative storytelling has been recognized!  Cheers!

This is our team, very well behaved.  Click here to see how we really celebrate winning a fancy award!

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Rolling @ 8am

At 8:16 Ryan and Emily get impatient, but the day is 
young, only two cups of coffee thus far.

 8:17am, Action!

 8:33am, The shot looks good!

8:45am, debating the shot - should we change 
the angle?

 8:55am, No, let's just go with it... don't worry, Terry
is off camera in the background.  Someone has to 
police the crowds from walking in and ruining the shot!

 9am, first pose of the day

9:30am, Ryan sets the next shot

 10:20am, script supervisor detects a slight problem...
nothing that can't be fixed in post!

 11:15am, Bryan just before burning a pinkie on the Arri

 12:05pm, is there going to be a vegetarian 
selection at lunch?

 12:15pm, pose #2

1:30pm, pose #3
 1:35pm, Julie confirms lighting
 2:02pm, Bryan is taking too long to set the mic.

2:05pm, final lighting tweaks

 2:08pm, wait a minute... Nate and Emily confer on 
a new script addition

 2:20pm, pose #4 (awkward moment)

 2:55pm, lunch was good - how about a healthy snack?

3:22pm, 3 - 2 - 1 - Action!

3:33pm, Emily's been waiting all day to 
Hollywood the light

 3:44pm, pose #5

 4:05pm, this take is a good one. Ryan and Terri review.

 5:01pm, mystery intern (young Nate)

 5:30pm, Nate mics the CEO while Ryan takes a
picture of Emily with his non-Android device.

24 hours later, Crash celebrates with some cake!

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