The ES team set out on a mid-summer farm shoot Wednesday as the mercury approached the centennial mark.  We had a blast trying to wrangle farm animals and survive one of the hottest days of the year in Georgia.  Here's a client hint: Live Solid, Bank Solid.  

This was not your typical bank shoot though.  Here are a few snapshots from our day...

The cows... before we milked them.

The pig... before he got a bath.

Video farmers... before shedding a few pounds.

The chef... getting ready to make some bacon.

Emily takes charge and coordinates the action.

Creating a false traffic jam.

"There's a spider over your head Ryan, let me help you out."

The summer intern... gets all the good jobs.

It was tight quarters in the diner.

And a little close for comfort... but no complaints from us, we love this Game!

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