The ES team set out on a mid-summer farm shoot Wednesday as the mercury approached the centennial mark.  We had a blast trying to wrangle farm animals and survive one of the hottest days of the year in Georgia.  Here's a client hint: Live Solid, Bank Solid.  

This was not your typical bank shoot though.  Here are a few snapshots from our day...

The cows... before we milked them.

The pig... before he got a bath.

Video farmers... before shedding a few pounds.

The chef... getting ready to make some bacon.

Emily takes charge and coordinates the action.

Creating a false traffic jam.

"There's a spider over your head Ryan, let me help you out."

The summer intern... gets all the good jobs.

It was tight quarters in the diner.

And a little close for comfort... but no complaints from us, we love this Game!

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 Crash has just returned from his excursion from the island of Bermuda.  He found the water exquisite!

 Explored the amazing geologic formations and pink sand beaches of Horseshoe Bay.

 Quenched his thirst with a refreshing SmartWater.

 Explored the undersea world with a mask and snorkel.

And unfortunately was stung by a nasty jellyfish.  The Portuguese Man-O-War!!  
Not to worry, Crash was resilient.  There's nothing a little rum can't fix.

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