Tomorrow, our "partners" will be paying us a visit.  They feel the need for an intervention, because clearly no one can run this company better than they can.  It's the beginning of second quarter and they are eager to establish some crucial ground work for us, to ensure that we excel beyond expectations.  Here are a few stills of them in the past, hard at work behind the scenes. 

"Set up a meeting with Bob!  We need to make sure we get
approval for the script IDT (in doggy time)!"

"These cuts are a little ruff around the edges!"

"There can not be a CAT in this video! Someone will get hurt..."

"Lunch time!  Don't touch my sandwich!" 

"Office yoga!  Time to stretch!"

"Why does the director look like a cat? Grrrrr...."

"There's that cat again...Grrrr....."

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