Our current EventStreams Dream Project with Computers for Youth (CFY-Atlanta) is making some good progress.  The interview with former CFY participant Derek Boston (mentioned in our Telling the Story post) exceeded expectations.  He wrote a letter to CFY after participating in the program, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity.  

"...Computers for Youth came into my life, and I was a new boy.  I felt like I could do anything.  I felt like I was Superman... "

He then vows to "always use my computer for good things", as if CFY just gave him a new super power.  

Editor Ryan was very impressed with Derek's on-camera presence.  "Some people just freeze on camera, but Derek was a natural!"  Now in high school, he looks back and shares with us how CFY made an impact on his life.  

So now that the bulk of the filming is complete, it is Ryan's chance to work his magic and bring it all together into one visually inspiring story.  Anyone can take a camera and film an event, but how the material comes together creatively is what sets the video apart from others.

One way Ryan puts the pieces together creatively is by using multiple shots on one screen as a way of transitioning into the next scene (see below).  The composition is split up into several parts, showing Derek in multiple views.  This style of transition is a great way to engage the audience with constant movement, which highlights the various nuances of Derek in person.

This effect was used similarly in the First Tee Atlanta video, another project that falls under the EventStreams Dream Project.  As Ryan continues to use his creative decision-making in the editing process, all the pieces will come together for the final product.  Our goal is to help CFY-Atlanta continue to equip middle school children with the technology and resources to succeed. 

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