Yesterday's Dog Day was a huge success.  We now have a clear direction for this quarter and are very excited about the changes that were implemented by our precious partners.  Here is a glimpse of all the hard work we did yesterday:

"Are you ready to rock n roll!?  Let's do this."

"All-paws meeting in 10!  Be there or... you're fired!"

"I don't think he really means it.  He's just being bossy."

"Here are the meeting paw-outs."

"You make a very good point, but I wouldn't put all my
bones in one hole in the ground."

"If I can catch my tail, then you can make this video happen."
(I'd like to see you try...)

Henry: "Did we fire that CAT-looking director yet??"

Lucy: "We can't just fire him because you think he
 looks like a cat... Plus, Jack seems to like him a lot."

Jack: "He does NOT look like a CAT! Really, guys!?"

"Partner meeting IDT (in doggy time)!!"

"I know you both don't see the need for an in-office dog treat
vending machine, but sometimes a dog's gotta take a break!
We're working our paws off for this company!"

It was such a nice day, we all went for a walk to the local PetSmart.

Happy Dog Day!

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