To put it mildly, YouTube has drastically changed the video hosting landscape since it was launched in 2005.  Individuals and companies post videos of all kinds - some hoping to become a major viral-video hit, and others only intended for a small viewing audience.  It is easy, it is free, and YouTube's capabilities and offerings continue to improve.  Currently there are plenty of other similar services that are available as well (Vimeo, Brightcove, etc.).

None of this  is  news to us -- this is our industry. We live and breath all things related to video hosting, video encoding, video streaming, video codecs, video bit rates, frame rates, de-interlacing, video formats: Windows Media vs. Adobe Flash vs. Microsoft Silverlight, video players, and on and on (and on).

The ability to easily share videos over the Internet is a crucial part of our history and culture.  EventStreams is as much a technology company as a production company.

Since we produce business-to-business marketing videos, corporate training videos, virtual town hall meetings, executive web casts, and employee communication videos, our clients are  companies of all sizes, in all industries, mostly in Atlanta.  Video production and video hosting are not what they live and breath every day; although some of our clients have highly sophisticated internal capabilities, while others do not. The range of capability is diverse to say the least.

Because of that range of our clients' capabilities, we offer different value propositions to different clients. Some are looking for production capability and others are looking for an easy way to share videos with clients and with employees - which is where this particular post comes into play.

We receive calls regularly from existing clients and from prospective clients who are in need of a video hosting and video sharing solution.   For some companies the primary consideration is  cost; and for them, using YouTube (or similar) is a great option. They can embed the video directly into their web site, or they can share a YouTube link via email; they don't mind the fact that the YouTube logo is included in the player and they aren't worried about the exposure to other random videos that may show up along side theirs.  We can upload videos directly to any YouTube channel. Visit  and scroll down to see a recent example of a video we produced that is hosted on YouTube and directly embedded into a company's website.

EventStreams offers a custom solution to companies for which YouTube is not a viable option, and who don't have their own in-house streaming video servers.  There are many options...

* We'll customize the video size, the bit rate, the video format and the player controls based on the type of video content (lots of action & movement or a speaker at a podium?), who your audience is (corporate employees or customers?), and your web page design. 

*We can host your entire library of videos - whether for internal employee consumption only, or for your customers.  

* We can embed directly into your website for a seamless experience 
Visit to see an example

*If you can't easily make changes to your website to embed video directly, or would rather keep the video off of your website for another reason, we'll design a landing page that is hosted on our servers. You can publish that link anywhere & everywhere or keep it limited to a small audience.  The design options are wide-open.  It can mimic the look & feel of your own website or be a stand-alone piece of online marketing collateral.

Visit these URL's for examples
EventStreams doesn't have its own streaming servers though; we aren't that much of a technology company.  Our videos are delivered through the Akamai Edge technology platform., and Akamai has the world's most extensive video streaming network.   In some cases having your own Akamai account may make sense.  However, hosting your videos through EventStreams provides you access to the Akamai network without requiring a long-term hosting and video storage contract and monthly minimums. We manage the back-end file  management and storage for you on a per-project or annual basis, and we will do the implementation and web integration for you too.

Since anything hosted online is trackable, we'll provide you the data about your video traffic and can embed Google analytics into your landing page as well.  

So to wrap it up, our video hosting service isn't free but it is quite reasonable.  We'll customize a solution based on your company's specific needs and give you a solid, professional alternative to YouTube.

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