EventStreams has chosen Computers For Youth (CFY) to be a part of the 2011 EventStreams Dream Project.  Our goal is to apply what we know about storytelling in video to effectively convey the heart of various organizations.  Our first shoot (see post here) gave us the opportunity to get familiar with CFY--student/parent participation, teacher/volunteer engagement, and the ultimate gift of taking home a computer with the knowledge and resources needed to use it.

In recognizing the lack of common ground between the video's intended audience and those impacted by CFY, it really boils down to one difference--life with or without a computer.  As we imagined who would be watching this piece, we established that most, if not all, use a computer on a day-to-day basis.

The video editor for this project Ryan Dunn says he has had a computer for most of his life; in college, at home, at work, and in his pocket! (The iPhone is practically a mini computer.)  "I might as well be plugged in myself!" he says as he "plugs in" an imaginary cord from his body into the wall.  And with wide-eyed intent he reiterates how difficult it is for him to understand what it would be like without a computer.  Without one would mean so many lost opportunities to get ahead in school from an early age. 

The most ideal storyline for CFY's message to viewers would be similar to the documentary film called Spellbound, in which several students are closely followed before, during, and after a spelling bee contest.  The outcome is moving and inspirational.  Unfortunately, we are simply creating a modest glimpse; not a full-length documentary.  The next best alternative would be to find students who have been through the program previously who can describe for us what life was like before, and how having a computer and the educational resources changed the way he or she approached schoolwork.  Comments from parents who benefited from the program are also a plus.

With that in mind, we have recently scheduled an interview with a student who after participating in the program was compelled to express his gratitude to CFY in a letter!  It's been a couple years since he was in the program, which falls nicely into Ryan's anticipated storyline.

Stay tuned for more updates on our 2011 EventStreams Dream Project!

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