We shot a new video for The Paideia School yesterday to show everyone the new Mother Goose, the building that was burned down by arsonists in October 2009 -- see last year's award-winning video for reference Mother Goose Alumni Fundraising video.

Two production stills are included below and we'll be sure to post the new video when completed!

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EventStreams is partnering up with Atlanta's Computers For Youth (CFY) for 2011.  CFY passionately provides the technological foundation for students and parents to reinforce at home what's being taught in the classroom.  With an effective home learning center, students and parents are equipped to learn and value the educational material, thus significantly influencing the students' academic success.

We are very excited about creating this video to capture the direct impact this program has on hundreds of families each year in the Greater Atlanta area. It will help CFY-Atlanta in their fundraising efforts as it showcases the workshop in action.  Look for it on CFY-Atlanta's website late spring!

Sixth graders from qualified middle schools participate in CFY's Take IT Home program.  During the workshops, students and parents learn computer skills from the basics of installation and navigation to how to use the internet and Microsoft Word.  Each computer is equipped with educational software tested out for the fun-factor by CFY's very own Student Software Team

The team of teachers, volunteers, and staff were very helpful and encouraging; and as the workshop progressed, the general vibe of the participating students and parents went from reserved and unsure to enthusiastic and engaged.  Seeing the beam of excitement in their faces as they left with their arms full of computer equipment was priceless!

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