By Nate Naskell

The HDSLR world has been growing around me. My problem is,  I'm not a Canon person.  I got into this business because of my love of photography, and took my first photography course in the 7th grade from my all-time favorite teacher Mr. Dunn.  He inspired me with black and white images and the thrill of photo manipulation...not in Photoshop, but in the dark room.  Through Mr. Dunn's guidance I bought my first camera, a Nikon FM. And from there I never waivered.  I eventually went with the FE, then to the 2020, and ultimately began my journey into the digital age a few years after the turn of the century. 

I kept many of my lenses through the years and and resisted the draw to Canon's phenomenal new DSLR cameras.  I'm too loyal to change.  Colleagues and friends were using the Canon to capture incredible HD video footage. I waited for Nikon to challenge...and they never did.  Then in the fall of 2010 Nikon finally stepped up.  I was ecstatic and am now the proud owner of the D7000.  So, as other cinematographers and videographers have plowed forward into this world of shallow depth of field, I'm just starting to get my feet wet.

I have a Portabrace full of prime lenses with needle thin apertures; lenses that offer creative options that are far beyond many of today's video cameras.  So, eager to put it to the test, we decided to shoot our first exclusive DSLR project on it in mid-December: the EventStreams annual holiday video.  Well it was quite an undertaking and definitely created some challenges that we were not accustomed to in our normal work flow.  There were some key learnings: lighting, monitoring, focus, and of course the Achilles of HDSLR, audio.   All of which we worked through while learning many valuable lessons along the way.  

Now, we are dangerous!  And last week we took the camera on its first client shoot.  2011 is going to be a great year!

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