We responded to an RFP this week that requested background information about our company, including how we were founded and what sets us apart.  Thought it would make for an interesting blog post as well, since it isn't included anywhere on our website or in our marketing materials.  Here is a short excerpt: 

Sam and Nate, two of the original founding partners, were producing broadcast programming for Georgia Public Television during the dot com boom in the late 1990's.  A chance  meeting opened their eyes to the power of delivering video over the Internet, and in 2001 they redefined the company with an eye towards the future.  EventStreams was born specifically to produce  corporate videos and stream them online.  Our experience with, and knowledge about, digital content is at the heart of our business.  This means our production team understands bit rates, bandwidth and file formats as well as they understand lighting, shot selection and editing.  We believe we have a unique skill set that sets us apart.  

We  deliver high-touch personalized service in a flexible and professional manner; as a result, our business has grown organically over the past nine years, with most new business being acquired through referrals and word of mouth recommendations. 

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