A little background: over the past two years our live webcasting business has grown substantially.  

We specialize in working with corporate communications teams and their CEOs, CFOs and executive leadership. August 2010 brings us two new webcast clients for a total of two events in Atlanta, two in our studio, one event in New Orleans and another in Chicago. 

We stream virtual town hall meetings, employee updates and major announcements for many well-known corporations that are headquartered here in the Atlanta metro area.  We stream from our studio, hotel ballrooms, company conference rooms and even airport hangars. 

Audiences are either completely virtual, or include a mix of virtual attendees and in-person attendees gathered together at a physical meeting location.   We work with corporate IT to ensure appropriate security measures and deliverability to the intended audience. 

Our live streaming webcast events are typically 60-90 minutes, however last September we helped transform a two-day meeting from a traveling road show into an effective virtual meeting for teams across the U.S.

The online experience for most events is fairly typical: custom sign-in fields, a branded web page, live Q&A and synchronized slides in a window next to the video.  However, the meeting content varies for each of our clients, based on the audience and meeting objectives. 

For example: next week we are producing and streaming a webcast internationally to a company's senior leadership immediately before the earnings call.  It includes three executives in-studio, three executives presenting remotely from international locations, most audience members watching from individual desktops and others accessing by telephone.  A Q&A session with executives wraps the meeting.  Later, the webcast will be provided on-demand on the company's website for those unable to attend live.

This brings us to today's conversation around the lunch table...the iPhone 4 and its live streaming capabilities.  In researching a quick late summer beach getaway to the Florida Gulf Coast, this week Bridgit read about a guy who was streaming beach conditions daily, live from his iPhone.  He asked viewers to forgive the grainy video quality due to the limitations of his equipment and connectivity.  Despite the quality issues, how very cool!  This prompted a quick discussion about the iPhone 4 and how its built in capabilities would improve the streaming quality for this daily beach report, as well as how it could be used in a corporate webcast. 

We are always looking for new creative ideas for our clients' webcasts and virtual town hall we can add value and expand their options for interesting and engaging content.  Looking forward to the first time we incorporate a live iPhone stream from a trade show floor (or other more exotic location) into an EventStreams webcast! 

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