We are currently working with two clients that are redesigning their websites to include video.  One is an existing client, the other is brand new, and both understand the value of video and how it can increase comprehension and create emotion.  The clients are in different industries, and the videos we will produce will be different for each, with different types of talent, camera work, shooting locations and editing.   Nothing new here.  We produce a wide variety of content on a daily basis, which is part of what keeps it interesting around the office!   What is different is that in most cases our videos are added to an existing company website.  Getting involved during the initial stages of web design and development allows us to collaborate at a deeper level with the client and web developer.  Our goal is to be sure the videos are integrated into the site the best way possible for each client, and as seamlessly as possible from both a technical point of view and a content point of view.  Additionally, most of the videos we produce are for employees' eyes only. So it is a nice change-up when we are able to produce content for public consumption and claim it as our own.  We'll be sure to share these videos when they are finished!

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