Mother Goose

Last October the Paideia School tragically lost one of its most treasured buildings to a fire. The Mother Goose, as it was affectionately called, was the gathering place for High School freshmen. The Goose was also home to four classrooms, some of which had been occupied by the same teachers for over 25 years. Once the smoke settled and the task of rebuilding was at hand, it was decided to create a bigger and better Goose.

Paideia plans begin the construction process by July, and wants to do it debt free.  Insurance will not cover the costs of a new educational facility, and therefore the Paideia community is being asked to make up the difference to help make that wish a reality. 
EventStreams is designing and creating a solicitation video and online fund raising campaign targeting the Alumni community.  The 5–minute retrospective video will include teacher and student reflections, animated renderings of the new building and a presentation from beloved headmaster Paul Bianchi.

It’s going to rock!

Check out some production stills and click to see a 3D rendering of the new building. 

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