**Originally released June 2007

We are pleased to announce secure video streaming now available to all of our clients!

Secure streaming enables you to deliver content to authorized users in a secure manner.

Corporate Webcasts ● Pay-Per-View
  • Our corporate clients can now host videos securely without adding streaming video servers.
  • Companies developing syndicated or subscription-based content can easily add a pay-per-view system.

EventStreams hosts all videos through the Akamai Edge technology platform to provide anytime, anywhere access. The Akamai network provides you access to the world’s most extensive video streaming network and gives you the ability to provide your content to an unlimited worldwide audience.

Hosting your videos through EventStreams provides you access to the Akamai network without requiring a long-term hosting and storage contract. We manage the back-end file management and storage for you on a per-project basis.

Secure streaming leverages the existing Akamai reporting services to provide comprehensive information back to each client.

Call us to learn more about secure streaming for your online videos!

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