CYD Students “turn up” at Terminal We
Several times a year EventStreams is able to collaborate with the Atlanta community in a special charity project. “Charity is key to our mission because it allows our team to do more than just create videos for clients. It allows us to give back to our community in a very meaningful and productive way. It also allows us to be extra creative and energized by a common cause,” says Nate Haskell, COO. This summer Nate’s wife, Gigi Haskell, was researching ways to volunteer for Create Your Dreams, a long-term, youth development program dedicated to nurturing the talents and dreams of students living in underserved areas of Atlanta. She introduced Nate to Executive Director Kim Dennis, and Nate immediately wanted to help the organization. “I think everyone on the team was really inspired by her passion for the kids and we all knew pretty immediately it was something that we wanted to help be a part of,” said Julie van Jaarsveld, Senior Digital Media Producer.
The CYD Students take their school work very seriously.
Originally, the plan was just to give the kids of CYD a tour of our facilities “to show them some of the possibilities that can be accomplished with video,” said Wesley Summers, Editor & Digital Media Producer. “But in typical EventStreams fashion, we got to tossing around ideas,” said Ian McCarthy, Digital Media Producer. “We talked about a lot of ideas during our first few meetings, but the music video floated to the top pretty fast. Both our Senior Graphics Producer, Will Sykes, and Ian are very passionate about music production and have a fair amount of experience with it. Ian offered to put together 3 original tracks that the kids could choose from for their video,” said Julie. Kim was thrilled that her students were hugely involved in the creative process. “The students wrote the lyrics, planned the narrative through the storyboard process and even choreographed the dance,” she explained. The EventStreams team took a couple of days in July to film the music video at the King Plow Center (CYD’s headquarters) and at Tanyard Creek Park.
Nate gets down with the CYD Students to capture the magic.
Nate gets down with the CYD Students to capture the magic.
The team was a little unsure of what working with children would be like. “Before we met the CYD students, I think a lot of us imagined a rowdy bunch of elementary and middle school kids tornadoing through our office and studio. But, the students had a genuine interest in the things we were showing them, and through the project they brought some great energy and ideas to the entire process,” said Ian. Kim recalled “watching the EventStreams team patiently work with our students. They encouraged them to push through their shyness and helped the children find their voice.”
“EventStreams specializes in internal corporate video production and webcasting. We work with a lot of senior level executives with busy schedules and tight deadlines and at times the work can garner a lot of pressure. So working with kids was really a breath of fresh air for the entire company,” said Nate. “Their creativity is pretty incredible,” Julie explained, “I just wish we could bottle it somehow!” Looking back on his experiences leading this project, Ian said “I think my favorite moment from the process was going in to record the vocal performances… I was blown away by what they did within the span of just one week. One of my favorite lines from the song is still ‘…take a disaster and make it A MIRACLE!’”
Julie and Wes operate the jib with some CYD Student assistance.
Because the children and the team worked so hard developing the music video, we decided that the project deserves a legitimate premier. Kim Dennis has helped us organize the very first screening of the music video at the Howard School on Thursday, September 17th at 7:00pm. Find the event on Facebook at Chasing Dreams – a CYD Video Exclusive.
Teamwork makes the Create Your Dreams work.
The CYD crew!
The CYD crew!

The stage is set.  Oklahoma City State Fairgrounds

The gear arrives.

Intensity makes me stronger.

What should I plug this into?

Building a Coke wall.

Coke products are not just for drinking.

We can actually make walls out of it!

Steve Summers doing laps during rehearsal.  Gotta' get a workout in today.

Is the internet what powers this broadcast? Or is it the coffee?


You can never have enough computers.

Please don't distract me when we're about to go LIVE.

What did I just say!?

Audience Participation

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Our production manager works hard at making sure the logistics of each project is outlined and solidified. But with multiple projects to juggle, not only is it excessive to have the tiniest detail defined before a shoot, it's not really necessary. A lot is worked out when the crew is thinking on their feet.

With SREB's main event, there were initial concerns with audio and lighting, but the A/V company working the event allowed us to plug into the sound board.  We didn't have to worry about mics for individual speakers.  The A/V company also put up some spot lights for us, so we were able to get great exposure.

For the shoot in one of Georgia Tech's classrooms, the walls were all concrete with very high ceilings which can cause echoing.  We were afraid we'd get terrible audio quality, so we used a boom mic and tried to keep it out of the frame as much as possible, while staying close to the speakers.

The last impromptu shoot we did to get more footage was at Kennesaw State University.  There were large windows with natural light pouring in.  In some cases sunlight is wonderful - but in others, it risks ruining the shot.  And the weather that day was cloudy, which made the light even more inconsistent.  Solving this issue involved a solution as simple as adjusting the blinds a certain way. 

These are all common challenges, but in the end, with a few adjustments and good coordination with available resources, we're able to overcome them. 

The video is now under final approval, and is just about ready to show. Check back with us in a few weeks for feedback on the final video.

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Here is a behind-the-scenes look at SunTrust's Live Solid Video Scrapbook.  We worked with Realm Advertising to produce the video.  Watch the completed video here.

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EventStreams Dream Project: SREB's State Doctoral Scholars Program - Creative Aspect

Video is undeniably powerful, with the potential to invoke a wide range of emotions and reactions that can result in major social and political change.  Video engages audiences more effectively than any other communication medium.  Just think for a second about the monstrous film industry that runs like its own country, with its own rules, key players, and followers.

That said, there are a number of creative decisions that need to be made to best convey the "heart" of the story during the editing process.  And for SREB, the heart of the story is found in the graduates' deep sense of accomplishment after successfully completing a PhD program.  In some cases, it is a road less traveled among peers, and the participants gain encouragement from a community of like-minded, driven, and hard working individuals.  In addition, the financial burden is much lighter, allowing the students to really focus on the task at hand.

Julie is the designated creative editor of the project and she focuses on developing a sense of nostalgia with a few basic techniques.  She uses soft transitions between shots, and at certain points in the video she uses time remapping techniques, known more commonly as slow motion (or "slo-mo").  This allows the viewer to take the time to empathize with the graduates as they beam with a sense of and pride.

She also includes some vintage-looking, kenburns-ified, childhood photos during an interview.  It makes the piece more personal, as if the viewer is sitting in a living room hearing the testimony of success with a family album opened on the coffee table.

The video is meant to provide a glimpse into this program's true value in the lives of its participants, and with a visually rich medium such as video, there are countless creative decisions an editor can make to convey the message successfully.  

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Happy Holidays!

Click here for a more humorous look at the holiday party...  We hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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